edFirst – A Movement in STEM Education

edFirst is a collaborative K-12 education initiative that prepares students to excel in higher education and industry.


Microsoft, Trumbull, and Kino-Eye Center @ Microsoft YouthBowl

Trumbull Unmanned and the Kino-Eye Center have worked together to create a series of highly impactful education enrichment programs over the past 5 years, including the Rice Drone Camp, Microsoft YouthSpark UAV/UAS workshops, Houston ISD math/science events, and Intel. Based on an overwhelming community-driven demand for expanded programming, we are now partnering to launch the edFirst Initiative - a multi-faceted K-12 education movement that combines the professional expertise of the engineering industry with a non-profit mandate to enrich STEM education. edFirst is grounded in the realization that STEM education does not exist in a vacuum.  In addition to technical training in core STEM content areas, our programming includes an essential layer of self-awareness and personal development that inspires a deep and intrinsic motivation to learn.  Through this focus on positive identity formulation, we acculturate students to the the critical importance of developing self-confidence, ethics and integrity, and a realistic plan for personal growth.

edFirst Programs, Activities, and Resources for Students and Educators

Working with a variety of community partners (including Microsoft and BP) we have developed an iterative series of educational programs that enhance the overall preparedness of students.  These programs are supported by a framework of proprietary curriculum and online content that sets the stage for personal, academic, and professional excellence.
  • Education Programs - Microsoft Drone Academy, Service First, Media First...
  • Online Learning and Content Resources - MSDA Online, curriculum resources for educators, reference content for students...
  • Community-based Coaching and Mentorship - Project-based learning supported by local industry/university/non-profit partners
  • Consulting and Contract Services - Curriculum design, program consulting, professional development for educators, education event support/management, guest lectures and panel discussions...
Current Projects

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