Kirill Igumenshchev


 Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Rochester
 M.S. Chemistry, University of Rochester
 B.S. Physics, University of Rochester
 Moscow Institute of Molecular & Biological Physics

Dr. Kirill Igumenshchev serves as the Education Technology Director of the Kino-Eye Center. Through advanced work in computational modeling, artificial intelligence, and the use of genetic algorithm programming methods (as part of his doctoral research in Physics and Chemistry), Dr. Igumenshchev kirill bikecontributes a valuable skill set of technical and pedagogical tools.

Working with Kino-Eye Center President Cesare Wright, Dr. Igumenshchev has formulated several education technology initiatives, including grant proposals for proprietary APPS and online education resources. Currently, he is collaborating with education researchers from the University of California Berkeley to generate a new social networking protocol for the promotion of effective educational uses of New Media and digital technology.

Dr. Igumenshchev’s professional research goal is to bring quantum effects to larger systems, as it is already established that exact quantum mechanics works well on small systems. One of his interests iss highly non-linear chaotic systems, and he is currently working to produce scalable systems with high demand or novel processes.

Other research interests: artificial intelligence, data mining, quantitative finance, high performance web design, robotics, highly scalableor innovative ventures and education.

Specialties: extensive experience with mathematics and numerical methods, c++11 (9yrs, Modern C++, Patterns,stl), parallel programming (MPI, openMP), various scientific libraries(NR3, BOOST, GSL, MKL)


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