Greta Niu


Ph.D. English, Duke University
Digital & New Media Director

Greta earned her PhD from Duke University in English where her fields included film (theory, history, production), literature and oral history. She is an advocate for making higher education accessible and inclusive.greta2 She has been teaching at the tertiary (undergraduate and graduate) level since 1992 at small and large universities, at both public and private colleges. Her research and teaching encompasses writing (composition, rhetoric), literary studies (English, American, world literature in English), media studies (film, television, digital, video games), and ethnic studies (especially Asian American and Asian Pacific studies with expertise in Chinese cinemas).

Greta explains,

“Because I am a firm believer that young people must be active producers of popular culture and not just consumers, I teach digital media production to middle school and high school students and I introduce digital production software to college students. We can all analyze and create visual-aural media.”


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