The Kino-Eye Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit Arts & Education foundation dedicated to promoting innovation and excellence in education.


Dziga Vertov

In his famous 1923 Manifesto, Dziga Vertov announced the transcendent agency and transformative power of the camera to reveal the world in unique and previously unimagined ways. Recognizing the rapidly growing potential of digital media and multimedia technology, Cesare Wright founded the Kino-Eye Center with the belief that conventional academic learning might be fundamentally re-imagined through a convergence of technology, art, and education.

Organized in 2004, the Kino-Eye Center brought together educators, scholars, and media professionals, with the express goal of promoting innovative education research and applied learning interventions.

Our projects range from K-12 to higher education, and we work with public & private institutions, educators, researchers, and media professionals to accomplish specific research and project goals.  The Kino-Eye Center formulates and implements proprietary education programming, including university courses and K-12 education intervention models.

We actively seek to partner with individuals and organizations on Education & Arts projects. For more information or to request a meeting, please contact one of our DIRECTORS our submit feedback through the form on our CONTACT page.


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