Education Programs

The edFirst initiative supports a variety of education enrichment and intervention programs, which provide students with a vast array of rigorous learning encounters that supplement and enhance classroom education.

Current Programs

Service First – A FREE K-12 STEM education program exclusively designed for children of current and former military service members.

Microsoft Drone Academy – The first comprehensive STEM education program to use UAS/UAV and aerial robotics technology to engage students in an extended learning experience that spans the entire K-12 career and culminates in content area technical certifications.

Previous Programs Supported by Trumbull/Kino-Eye Center

Prior to the launch of edFirst, Trumbull and the Kino-Eye Center developed a range of programs and curriculum models, including:

Rice Drone Camp – An intensive STEM summer camp that uses UAV/UAS systems and drone technology to engage students in math, science, and engineering.

Media First – A program that engages experienced media and journalism professionals to teach K-12 students how to develop scripts, report on school-related stories, research topics, create and edit media content, and lead a daily news program.

Reconstructing Literacy – A literacy intervention program that uses multi-modal communication and educational technology to promote academic literacy by encouraging students to pursue their own particular areas of interest.


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