Valley West @ Microsoft


May 1st was an exciting day for one luck group 5th grade girls from Valley West Elementary School!  Accompanied by Shelea Majors (Kino-Eye Center Education Director), the students spent a day at Microsoft, learning about STEM careers for women, and hearing first-hand accounts from successful female engineers.

Following a series of discussions with prominent women from professional STEM fields, the girls received hands-on experience as they build a functioning hovercraft.


As part of the student-run Valley West Morning News program, the girls interviewed Trice Johnson of Microsoft and Christina Dillon (Univ. of Houston Mechanical Engineering student and Miss Harris County).

The event marks an on-going collaboration between the Kino-Eye Center, Microsoft, the World Youth Foundation, and Valley West Elementary School.

Sidonye interviews Trice Johnson and Christina Dillon at Women in STEM Innovation Round Table:

Valley West interview – Christina Dillon from Kino-Eye Center on Vimeo.

Valley West interview – Trice Johnson from Kino-Eye Center on Vimeo.

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