World Youth Foundation STEM Outreach

The Kino-Eye Center and Rice University ran a K-12 STEM outreach lab on Sat. Jan 24th, in partnership with the World Youth Foundation, Microsoft, ConocoPhillips, and the 100 Black Men mentorship organization.

rice 1Cesare Wright (Kino-Eye Center President) led a group of local middle and high school students through an adapted version of a college level Engineering Leadership Lab.

Rice student coaches were assigned to each middle/high school team, and they were tasked with creating a “something” from scratch that could travel the distance of its longest dimension under its own power.


Seem a little too easy?  Well, to make it more challenging, they could only use the basic materials provided – tape, paper, ping pong balls, coke, Mentos, rubber bands, string, index cards, etc.

The workshop was designed to promote both applied engineering skills and leadership development as part of the K-12 STEM outreach programming of the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership.

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