Media First Program

Students learning to create and take control of media.

Math:Science Night2 st9

Student News story on Math/Science Night

Media First is a Kino-Eye Center initiative that builds on the extensive professional media experience of our Directors. Drawing on his background as a documentary filmmaker and News Editor & Special Projects Consultant for Fox 26 News, Dr. Cesare Wright worked with Education Director Shelea Majors to develop a K-5 student-led news program in Houston ISD.

From media consumers to producers.

The Kino-Eye Center was founded with the goal of integrating multi-media into both institutional and informal learning environments, as a means of increasing student engagement and agency. In keeping with a socio-culturally based approach that promotes student-centered learning, our projects seek to actively involve and include students as media producers.


Cesare Wright & Shelea Majors interviewing Ann Coulter in New York

Under the guidance of experienced media and journalism professionals, students develop scripts, report on school-related stories, research topics, and lead a daily news program. Duties are distributed by class level and experience, with students serving as reporters, producers, and anchors.

The supervising serves as News Director, coordinating student workers.  After guided coaching, students shoot and edit their own video content for the broadcast.

Math/Science Night – Student-Led News Story

This excerpt from the student-led news broadcast showcases the activities and student presentations of the Math/Science Night at Valley West Elementary School in Houston.

Jump Start Read Day & Gracie Jiu-Jitsu – Student-Led News Story

In this clip, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion Romulo Reis Pereira and the Rilion Gracie Academy crew read to Kindergarden students and demonstrate self-defense techniques at Houston ISD “Jump Start Read Day”:

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